The Billy Daniels Foundation
A Musical Charitable Trust


A 501 (C) (3) nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation created for the purpose of providing funding for music and performing arts education to individuals of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and diversities.

Billy Daniels Foundation will fund various programs including but not limited to:

  • Drill Team – Marching Band

  • Dance – Theater Arts

  • ARTS in-school, after-school programs and activities

  • Provision of musical instruments and equipment

  • Performing arts related seminars and field trips

  • Individual ARTS scholarships

Our greatest goal is to promote the growth and development of individuals through the study, practice and performance of all ARTS related programs. Celebrating creativity and providing the opportunity for all youths to be inspired by the transforming power of music is core to our mission. Our objective is to develop and foster self-esteem through individual accomplishment. The Billy Daniels Foundation will support and supplement ARTS education directly to underserved youths through public, private and religious schools. Billy Daniels was a pioneer and music icon that transcended color and race. His impact was felt by millions of people he touched with his musical genius. By enriching at-risk students with the opportunity to enhance their lives through ARTS education, we believe that they will have a better opportunity to graduate from high school and continue to higher education.